Sunday, 30 July 2017

Scatter Terrain.

Dropzone Commander has a fantastic terrain kit for less than £30 (last time I checked). Unfortunately it's missing scatter terrain. Rules like skimmers, articulated and general hiding isn't that easy and doesn't see much use. Looking at the rule book pics reminded me of the railway models I use to see in other magazines. If anyone remembers white dwarf back in the early 90's it was pretty much like this.

So with this in mind I decided to create some extra cover for my armies.

These are buses that were purchased on eBay -  you'll find I source a lot of here as it's a good price and I get Nectar points :) win win!


Next up - cars. From movies like Terminator to Escape from New York you always see abbaddoned cars. 

I wanted something different as a lot of people were using these cheap cars from eBay - and who can blame them! So after looking at N gauge terrain (this is the scale for DZC) I found these shipping containers.

Designed for Dropzone

Below is a small selection of different ideas from online companies. Please note these aren't the only products the companies sell - just the ones I've bought.

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