Sunday, 19 January 2020

Long time no post....

Sorry this blog went quiet pretty quickly. I was hoping to do regular updates showing what I was currently working on. Unfortunately, things didn't go to plan. I won't go into detail as I prefer to keep family life somewhat private. 

What have I been doing?

Well, the shaltari Dropfleet army got sold off to a chap in the states (I'm UK based if you didn't know already). Why? Because I find the game clunky and boring. Sorry Mr Chambers. I won't go into too much detail but the fact Hawk wargames have been purchased by TT Combat who pretty much showed they didn't care about certain aspects of the hobby made a fair few people in my gaming community stop playing either game.

I intend to sell the rest of my Dropfleet at some point as I doubt I'll ever play the game again - it would need a complete re-write. I guess I should have played a few games before hand but that’s the price you pay to be a kickstarter backer - something I won't be doing again for wargames.

My dropzone models have been packed away and are currently sitting in the attic - I’ll still play version 1.1 (but not against Shaltari - they were broken from the start and I've never enjoyed a game against them). Unfortunately the Beta for version 2 never really got off the ground and while TT Combat have released the rules a lot of people beleive they haven't changed much and to include it in a book which is 90% geared towards dropfleet made me annoyed at having to part with the cash.

What am I doing now?

Well - back to GW. I've been making a strong push to paint all my blood angels - unfortunately GW have screwed most players who had a mariner army as the primaris dudes are so much better - both model and rules. I do like them but having owned over 100 normal marines kinda makes you just want to cry when you know what your painting will never see the table top.

The blood angels were my first love. Good old 2nd edition days. Currently I have the following armies in certain states of built and painted:

  • Blood Angels 2nd & 8th Companies
  • Deathguard 
  • Khorne World Eaters
  • Black Legion Army
  • Daemon army (only just started)
  • Deathwing - gotta love terminators!
  • Imperial Guard
  • Renegade Guard
  • Imperial Knights
Yeah, a lot!

What’s planned for the future?

Well I'm currently working on a website that will show off all my hobbies - not just my wargaming. Yep - I have other hobbies besides war gaming. 

The site will use my long owned URL and will make use of this blog as well as acting as finished galleries and the odd "how to guide" I made for some Imperial Guard models.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to rust plastic

From time to time when I'm at the local gaming club I get a new face glancing over the table and usually a question pops up -"How did I do the rust on the cars and shipping containers?"

Well its pretty simple yet not.

My process for the cars and containers was to paint them a brown colour - usually an old Citadel Foundation colour so I only had to do one coat. Then once that dried I covered the area I wanted rusting up in Model Mates Rust effect paint. Simple.

But hold the phone! While I was typing this entry, I couldn't find a link for them. so here comes the tricky part - they've gone bump. Shit! I use this paint for all sorts of applications, most of my resistance has it slapped on as well as my Nurgle 40K army. So if anyone knows of a similar style of paint then please pop a comment below. Stuff like Typhus Rot is more a textured paint so isn't the same.

A resistance Hellhog with rusted repair panels edged with silver. 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Below are 5 space stations and the KS cruiser. These 5 stations were built off just 2 sprues so my advice is go halves with a mate and get building!

This is my Shaltari fleet. Most of the fleet has magnets installed (I'll cover this in another post). Because of this, I can field pretty much any version of the Shaltari ships (bar the light cruisers) currently in the book.

This is my UCM fleet. Most of the fleet has magnets installed (I'll cover this in another post). Because of this, I can field pretty much any version of UCM ships currently in the book.

Scatter Terrain.

Dropzone Commander has a fantastic terrain kit for less than £30 (last time I checked). Unfortunately it's missing scatter terrain. Rules like skimmers, articulated and general hiding isn't that easy and doesn't see much use. Looking at the rule book pics reminded me of the railway models I use to see in other magazines. If anyone remembers white dwarf back in the early 90's it was pretty much like this.

So with this in mind I decided to create some extra cover for my armies.

These are buses that were purchased on eBay -  you'll find I source a lot of here as it's a good price and I get Nectar points :) win win!


Next up - cars. From movies like Terminator to Escape from New York you always see abbaddoned cars. 

I wanted something different as a lot of people were using these cheap cars from eBay - and who can blame them! So after looking at N gauge terrain (this is the scale for DZC) I found these shipping containers.

Designed for Dropzone

Below is a small selection of different ideas from online companies. Please note these aren't the only products the companies sell - just the ones I've bought.