Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to rust plastic

From time to time when I'm at the local gaming club I get a new face glancing over the table and usually a question pops up -"How did I do the rust on the cars and shipping containers?"

Well its pretty simple yet not.

My process for the cars and containers was to paint them a brown colour - usually an old Citadel Foundation colour so I only had to do one coat. Then once that dried I covered the area I wanted rusting up in Model Mates Rust effect paint. Simple.

But hold the phone! While I was typing this entry, I couldn't find a link for them. so here comes the tricky part - they've gone bump. Shit! I use this paint for all sorts of applications, most of my resistance has it slapped on as well as my Nurgle 40K army. So if anyone knows of a similar style of paint then please pop a comment below. Stuff like Typhus Rot is more a textured paint so isn't the same.

A resistance Hellhog with rusted repair panels edged with silver. 

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